Eirik and Julius

We joked about all three being admitted to hospital with mushroom poisining and severe kidney failure.

It was a great trip. Backs laden, we bicycled through Nordmarka north of Oslo in search of edible fungi. Reaching a prime tent location, we stuffed ourselves with some chocolate. Eirik and Julius assumed a pensive pose for five minutes. Then, we opened our tackle-boxes and got the fishing rods ready.


4 thoughts on “Eirik and Julius

  1. Well … one of 2 things could have happened. You could have happened upon the ones that would cause you to forget the experience entirely as your mind would have taken a trip to neverland (LOL) or else the unspeakable. I’m happy it was neither. I’m glad it ended up all being good. 😀

  2. Thank you 🙂 It is only later that I learned about the toxicity of mushrooms and started to really worry about what we might have been eating on that trip.

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