Afternoon coffee at Florian Steiner

Nathan Holford (left) and Tristan Hambleton (right) enjoy a cup and a croissant at lunch time in Germany’s number one coffee house: Florian Steiner in Neuenheim, Heidelberg.

A warm May day in 2011, my own exams not far away. It’s great to be lazy.


2 thoughts on “Afternoon coffee at Florian Steiner

  1. Oops, I looked for it to see if it was already out there. But good times are meant to be looked back on often 🙂 I’m living alone in a cabin in a remote place right now, and will be for a while. Yesterday, although it’s winter, it actually started raining. It makes me long for warm spring days in HD.

  2. This one had already been posted, though not bad from you to remind us that once upon a time our lives were like that. 🙂

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