July 22nd

I was standing in front of an open kitchen window, making a sandwich. My day at work was done. Next morning, I was going on holiday, flying away from Norway.

It must have been thunder, I thought. It sounded like lightning had struck right outside my window. It was strange, because although the weather forecast for that day was abismal, the rain had since long ceased. Still, I thought nothing more of the great noise, and finished my sandwich, listening to the radio.

"A bomb has gone off in central Oslo."

Not long after, while I was cemented to the television screen watching every bit of news I could, a small line of text caught my eye:

"Shootings at Utøya, youth camp participants injured."

I am struggling to understand what has happened. It hasn’t quite sunk in. I am finding it impossible to believe that one can stand opposite someone and shoot them in cold blood.

My thoughts, my tears go to those who experienced this nightmare up close, and to their loved ones who had no chance, no control or possibility of helping.

At the end of the day, we are made stronger, and this will only bring us closer. Terrorism has, paradoxically, accomplished exactly the opposite of what it set out to do in the first place.